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The Duke Classical Collection, begun in 1964 by Duke University's Department of Classical Studies, combined with the Nasher Museum's holdings now comprises over 300 works from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and Etruria that span in date from 2800 BCE to 300 CE. In 2006, the Nasher Museum was given an important collection of 224 Greek works, mostly ceramics, but also bronze, gold, amber and a few small marble pieces, ranging from the Cycladic and Mycenaean periods to the Hellenistic Greco-Roman era.

The Duke Classical Collection was published in 1994 by Duke Classics professor Keith Stanley (A Generation of Antiquities: The Duke Classical Collection 1964-1994, now accessible online). The catalogue for the 2006 gift, titled The Past is Present and edited by Duke Professors Sheila Dillon and Carla Antonaccio, was published in November 2011 and is currently available for purchase in the Nasher Museum store or from Duke Press.

The Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University owns more than 10,000 works of art. As part of its mission, the Nasher Museum created this online database to make its collections accessible to a wide audience. This is an ongoing project, so please check back periodically to browse new entries. Some data may change as a result of ongoing research.