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Serie Percusión (Percussion Series)

© Alice Wagner. Courtesy of the artist and Galeria Lucia de la Puente, Lima. Photo by Peter Paul Geoffrion.

Serie Percusión (Percussion Series)

Artist: Alice Wagner (Born in Lima, Peru, 1974)
Culture: Peruvian
Date: 2009
Medium: Thread and wax on canvas panels
12 5/8 x 12 5/8 inches (32.1 x 32.1 cm) each
Classification: Mixed Media
Credit Line: Museum purchase
Label Text:Alice Wagner's interest in records began as a small child in Lima, Peru when she became interested in the artistry of album covers. Serie Percusión is part of a much larger series in which Wagner recreates in thread and wax the covers of records she finds in flea markets. Here Wagner focuses on the late 1950s to early 1960s albums from bandleader Enoch Light. The designs for these covers were originally created by influential abstract artist Josef Albers.

Much in the way a record is different than a live performance, so too are Wagner's works different from the covers that they represent. Though Wagner engages with nostalgia, her versions are distinctly her own and are filtered through the context of her memory and experience. Wagner meticulously presses thread into wax to create slightly raised forms from the thread's dimensional lines, evocative of the rhythms of a spinning record. Wagner's use of thread to recreate a male artist's work also encourages the viewer to think about textile crafts traditionally associated with women, especially the colorful, detailed and time-consuming weavings of Peru.

Object number: 2009.16.1
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