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Pirate Party Photograph Portfolio

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Pirate Party Photograph Portfolio

Artist: Paul McCarthy (born in Salt Lake City, Utah, 1945)
Artist: Damon McCarthy (born in Los Angeles, California, 1973)
Culture: American
Date: 2005
Medium: Portfolio of 79 photographs
Image: 19 15/16 x 13 1/4 inches (50.6 x 33.7 cm)
Sheet: 20 15/16 x 14 1/4 inches (53.2 x 36.2 cm)
State: 5
Edition: 10 + 2 AP
Classification: Photograph
Credit Line: Gift of Blake Byrne, A.B.’57
Label Text:Paul McCarthy is widely known for his transgressive performance art, questioning American social conventions and testing the emotional limits of both audience and artist. A critical analyst of mass media and consumer-driven American society, McCarthy probes the icons and stereotypes of western culture and its entertainment industry. He frequently collaborates with his son, Damon McCarthy, on performative video installations - Paul acting as performer and director and Damon as cinematographer and editor.

Inspired by the Disney theme park ride "Pirates of the Caribbean," this series examines various incarnations of the pirate figure as a myth of American popular culture, including its proliferation and reception by the media and the public. McCarthy highlights the pirate as a symbol of invasion, plunder, and destruction - as desperados who venture to unknown regions to engage unseen in thievery and torture. By turning mainstream entertainment on its head, McCarthy offers a powerful critique of global capitalism and societal norms.

Object number: 2017.4.23