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Loading and Unloading of a Vessel
P. van der Kloet
c. 1735
Northern Mountain Landscape with Shepherd
Herman van Swanevelt
17th century
Obverse: Kneeling Woman
Boris Anisfeld
c. 1905
Paysage Animé (Animated Landscape)
Michel-Martin Drolling
19th century
Portrait of a Young Woman
Francesco d'Ubertino Verdi (called Il Bachiacca)
Reclining Woman
Henri Matisse
Salome with the head of John the Baptist
Ventura di Arcangelo Salimbeni
late 16th–early 17th Century
Scene from Roman History
Taddeo Zuccaro
mid 16th Century
Scene of the Village of Schoonrewoerd
Joshua de Grave
18th century
Seascape with Sailing Vessels
Cornelius de Grient
18th century
Seated Figure (Study for a Ceiling Painting)
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
18th Century
Shepherd and Shepherdess
François Boucher
18th Century